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Writers for Torat Moshe Project


The Torat Moshe Project seeks several individuals to work on a series of books dealing with a revolutionary methodology for literary analysis of the Torah. The job involves organizing and writing up complex material that will be provided to the employee. The books will be written in English, interspersed with Hebrew words and expressions. All work may be done remotely. Job applicants should have the following capabilities:

       Thorough knowledge of Torah in the Hebrew language. Knowledge of Torah commentaries, Nach, Talmud and Midrash is desirable but not necessary.

       Ability to organize complex material and prepare that material in a form suitable for publication.

       Ability to write quickly and clearly.

       Ability to type in both English and Hebrew. Fast and accurate typing skills are essential.

       Ability to comprehend and expound profound philosophical, theological and abstract concepts.

       Academic approach to knowledge. Advanced academic degrees desirable but not essential. What we require is an open mind, critical thinking, precision of language, ability to handle unconventional ideas and writing ability analogous to that encountered in academic publications.

Our budget in the initial phase is limited. Salary is negotiable and commensurate with skills and experience. Applicants should send their CVs, writing samples, available working hours (15 hours/week minimum), salary requirements, contact info (including phone numbers) and inquiries to Dr. Mel Linzer ("Moshe") at


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